Calling all ...


.... and it's not just about the logo, either. 


Your brand is every single touchpoint that you have with a potential customer, from your social media profiles, to your website, on-boarding process, color palette and even the tone of voice you use to communicate. 


It's all powerful and it's all branding. 


  • What if you had sparkling clarity on your brand's identity, messaging, personality & distinct advantage in your industry? 

  • What if you knew exactly how to identify & communicate with your ideal clients in a powerful way using visuals, copywriting and core branding principles

  • What if you knew how to easily audit your visual branding (logos, color palettes, website, social media presence) so that you could map the steps you need to take to build a beautiful & cohesive brand?


Invest in build a brand your customers will fall in love with!

Nicole Harlow

Brand Builder & Strategist

Nicole Harlow, brand strategist and CEO of Brand Better is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who has over 13+ years of experience as an entrepreneur and brand builder.


She's started businesses in transformational coaching, yoga and women’s hormonal health, in addition to helping launch brands for her clients at Brand Better. 


She’s published a bestselling book Chakra Detox, hosted the top 25 personal development podcast Spirited Entrepreneur and launched the Green Makeup Bag Summit in 2018 and Profitable Virtual Wellness Business Summit in 2020. 


As a location-independent entrepreneur, Nicole spent over a decade traveling the world and now finds herself growing roots (literally and figuratively) on a farm in Pennsylvania. 

What is Brand Better?

We build unforgettable, knockout brands that your clients & customers will love. 


Branding is the soul of your business

Who do I contact if I have more questions? 

Please email us at for more info.