JUNE 29 - JULY 3, 2020


Profitable Virtual Wellness Business 

Learn how to future-proof your health-based business now for improved impact and income 

Calling all: 

Health Coaches

Alternative Therapists

Naturopathic Doctors

Wellness Bloggers

Healthcare Providers

Nutritionists / Dietitians

Functional Medicine 

Personal Trainers

How would it feel to create a

future-proof  wellness business that:

  • Supports your financial and lifestyle goals no matter where you’re at on your journey as a business owner?

  • Positively and powerfully impacts the health of clients and patients through 1-to-1 consultations, group programs and membership communities?

  • Leverages simple-to-implement technology, so that you can profitably automate your business systems … creating more free time for you to serve at the highest level of impact for your clients and also yourself and your family?

Even in today's economic climate. 

Let’s face it. Life and entrepreneurship has never been more turned upside down and it’s left many wellness business owners wondering (and worrying) about what to do next. 

Perhaps that’s where you’re at right now (you’re in good company, I promise.) 


👉  Maybe you’re a brick-and-mortar business who’s had to shut down or scale back your clinic for the foreseeable future. 


👉  Or maybe you’re a wellness practitioner who’s known for awhile that you wanted to build an online practice, but you kept pushing it to the bottom of the to-do list (because, hey … so much other stuff to do, so little time!) and now it feels like you don’t have a choice … it’s go time! 


👉  You might even be a successful online business owner already, but you’re wondering how you can not only survive, but THRIVE during the current climate and beyond. 


For almost everyone it feels like the rules have changed and priorities have shifted overnight and we’re still not sure what the future holds.


But we believe that there has NEVER been a better time to start (or grow) an online business


As telemedicine clinic numbers soar and online program numbers skyrocket, all eyes are online.  Online practitioners who have the right systems in place are thriving. 


It’s not too late to get started. Your ideal clients are out there, ready and waiting for your services.  You can build the business of your dreams - especially now. 



This is why we’ve created the "Profitable Virtual Wellness Business" Online Conference.  In this low-cost, 100% virtual conference, you’ll learn how to leverage the current climate as an opportunity to build a robust online business and future-proof your wellness business so that you have a strong foundation for success even in uncertain times 

Join 20+ health and wellness experts  as they share the exact strategies, mindset shifts and systems that you need to build a highly profitable, scalable and supportive online wellness business - whether you’re just getting started or have been at it for years!

I bet your story is similar to many other conference attendees ...


You want to build a business that does good in the world, that gives you peace of mind and future security, that has a positive impact on more humans and that just simply feels good … but you’re not quite sure how to do it all yourself.  And hello … there’s also no time! 


You probably have heard a super long list of things you need to have a successful, scalable online business and it’s totally overwhelming.  


🤔 Where do you even start?  

🤔 How do you even start? 

🤔 And WTF is a sales funnel, anyway?!? 


Don’t worry - we’re going to break it down into the simplest strategies and action steps, so you can get started ASAP and bust through that pesky resistance.  Even if you decide to hire out some of the pieces to professionals and experts, you’ll have the confidence to know what you need and why it’s important to the holistic health of your business.

Conference Presenters

Go behind the scenes with health and wellness experts to not only learn the strategies of success, but also get a peek at how they run their 6, 7 and 8-figure wellness businesses.

Angela Lauria

The Author Incubator™

Why Now Could be the Perfect Time to Write a Book

Dr. Dan Kalish

The Kalish Institute

Transition to Telemedicine

Dr. Meghan Walker

Entrepologist, ND and Health Strategist

The Practice of the Future

Reed Davis 

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition - FDN 

Functional Lab Work and a Stress-Free Practice Model 

Andréa Jones

Social Media Strategist

Social Media Savvy for Health & Wellness Businesses

Andie Crosby


Reframing Marketing as a Tool to Create Authentic Connection with Patients

Lisa Simone Richards

Public Relations, PR 

Get the Word Out About Your Health and Wellness Business 

Jeremy Enns

Counterweight Creative

Podcasting for Profit 

Jenn Malecha

Wholistic Health Boss

Client On-Boarding and "Back Office" Automation

Carmen Hunter

Institute for Functional Health Coaching™

Building a Low-Stress Health Coaching Business

Sacchin Patel 

The Living Proof Institute

 Building Thriving Online Group Programs 

Evan H. Hirsch, MD

Fix Your Fatigue

Transition to a Virtual Telemedicine Practice in 12 Weeks or Less Without Going Bankrupt or Losing Your License

Stephanie Dodier

Intuitive Eating Expert + Mentor

3 Pillars of an Effective Nurturing Funnel

Rachael Pontillo 

Holistic Skincare Expert 

How to Shift an In-Person Aesthetics/Skin Wellness Practice into a Successful Virtual Practice

Dr. Krista Burns

American Posture Institute

Why Healthcare Providers Should Focus on "Positioning" over "Pivoting" in Today's Economic Climate

Lisa Fraley

Legal Considerations 

Legal Considerations for Online Businesses & Telemedicine

Dr. Amber Krogsrud

Naturopathic Doctor

Peptide Therapy, Telemedicine and Supplement Sales: Going Digital to Enhance Patient Experience and Convenience

Judy Seeger, ND

6 Figure Holistic Practice

How to Profit & Keep Patient Retention In Your Holistic Business Using Videos (Even If You're Camera Shy)

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo​

Founder, Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology

Build Your Online Practice with Webinars and Interactive Experiences

Dan Russell​

Founder, Vivid Labs

Stop Building Funnels (Start Testing Instead!)​

Nicole Harlow

Founder, Brand Better



Wellness Business Accelerator: Creating a Blueprint for Success​

Where do you want your business to be 6 months from now?  Learn from the experts who have taken their expertise and turned it into successful online practices, thriving group programs and profitable business systems. 

What makes the conference unique?

Here's what to expect at the "Profitable Virtual Wellness Business" Conference

Actionable Sessions

We've designed our presentations to be no-fluff and all actionable content. Instead of interviewing our speakers like you see with many online conference, we've asked each of our speakers to provide a presentation on their area of expertise, followed by Q&A moderated by our host, Nicole Harlow. 

100% Virtual 

There's something to be said for getting to stay at home in your PJs, instead of having to travel to a conference! Our conference is 100% online and you'll be able to access the training materials for anywhere in the world. (Plus, it's not like we can travel right now anyway, right?! 😉)

Save $$$

Business and marketing conferences can cost upwards of $5K and that's not including the cost of travel, hotel rooms, meals on the road and any potential childcare costs. Our early bird tickets are free, because we want to make sure that everyone has access to these awesome speaker sessions and bonuses! 

Upgrade Opportunities

Upgrade your conference experience with our All-Access Pass, where you can watch all presentation at your leisure. Plus grab over $3,000 in bonuses and enjoy virtual networking and co-working sessions.  

Conference Topics


    Virtual Business Model

    How to create a framework of actionable steps to add a virtual practice to your existing business model. 


    Expert Status + Influence

    Position yourself or your brand as a trusted expert in your niche


    Tech & Apps 

    Demystify the technology and apps needed for a thriving online practice (including our recommendations for client management, lab testing and remote patient monitoring)


    Website Must-Haves

    Highlight what mistakes you may be making on your website and what your website needs to have in order to grow your practice


    Recurring Revenue

    Identify modalities that complement and add recurring revenue to a virtual practice (like supplements, affiliate sales and recurring memberships)


    Telemedicine and Working with Clients Online

    Break down the mindset, technical and legal aspects of integrating telemedicine in your practice


    Virtual Dispensary + Supplements

    How to set up an online store to sell your own products or integrate a virtual supplement dispensary


    Online Marketing 

    Social media marketing, podcasting, blogging and video content creation best practices


    Sales Funnels

    The sales funnel framework to guide your patients through a thoughtful online customer journey


    Impactful Group Programs  

    Implement community care, signature online courses, packages and group programs


    Operations Best Practices 

    Integrate operating procedures for virtual front and back office systems that will make working with clients or patients virtually a breeze

Lock in a free early-bird conference ticket before prices go up.

Early Bird - General Admission 

  • 24-Hour Access Only to all speaker presentations* 

  • 100% online, mobile-friendly presentations that you can access from any device 

  • Regular Price $97

* With a general admission ticket you'll have 24-hours to watch a session on the day it airs live. 



No matter what stage of business you're at, this conference is for you. 

  • Phase ONE 

    I'm not sure how to get started building an online business

  • Phase TWO 

    I have some online stuff set up but I'm not making much money, finding the right clients or having the impact I would like

  • Phase THREE

    I have a successful online business, but I'm busy and ready to scale 


Nicole Harlow, Brand Better

What is Brand Better?

Brand Better is a Web Design & Branding Agency for wellness entrepreneurs and health-focused brands. 

Nicole Harlow, the creative director and founder of Brand Better is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who has started businesses in a variety of industries, like yoga, nutrition, women’s hormonal health, sexual health and coaching. She’s also written over 2,000+ published articles in health & wellness publications, published a bestselling book and hosted the Green Makeup Bag Summit in 2018. 

This isn't our first time around the block. Learn what past conference attendees had to say ...

How does an online conference work? And other frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

How does an online conference work? 

How long is each presentation recording available? 

Do I need any tech or apps to participate? 

When does the LinkedIn group open? 

You'll be able to request access to the LinkedIn group as soon as you sign up for the conference, but we're officially opening the group on June 24th. 

Is there a VIP All-Access Pass for this conference? 

Are there any sponsorship or partnership opportunities? 

Yes! Please email partnerships@brandbetteronline.com for more details  

Who do I contact if I have more questions? 

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